Dressed in the crisp white and elegant black of a tuxedo, the conductor strides to the rostrum and rises tall before the members of his orchestra, their eyes lifted and their instruments polished and poised.

With every muscle silenced and every ear cocked, the audience holds its breath.

A hush …  the slow upsweep of a sure hand … and swoosh!

Violins sing, and trumpets thunder.  The unleashed energies of bass and treble weave together in passionate dance. Flutes and spirits soar strong, and climbing notes lift high every heart.

This is the throbbing desire of God, and this is His promise for all of creation. 

The entire cosmos is like a vast symphonic orchestra. One day, every musician will be in place and every instrument will be ready as the Conductor stands tall on the podium. Perhaps He will pause for a deep breath and a soft smile. Then, with every eye on Him, He will hold up His scarred palms, and the music of eternity will cascade its joy. Forever new, rushing like water, the notes will ring glorious, rich, and bright.

Jesus Christ will be celebrated as both Conductor and Composer. He will be praised as the awesome Creator not only of every instrument and every player but of music itself.

Designed for Unity

This has always been the plan of God: to bring together every piece and every person from every realm into one harmonized song. 

God has now revealed to us his mysterious will regarding Christ—which is to fulfill his own good plan. And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth. (Ephesians 1:9-10, NLT)

Before the beginning and beyond the beginning, God is eternally One. In the profound mystery of the Godhead, each Person of the Trinity is gloriously distinct and personally relational within one divine nature and one holy essence. Gorgeous diversity coalesces within perfect union. 

And then, in the beginning, this one God created an immense universe, teeming with color and music and life. God’s creative joy exploded into an abundance of diversity synchronized into cohesion: one color wheel hosting an infinite number of colors; one musical scale accommodating an unending profusion of song; one sound spectrum pulsating with endless possibilities of amplitude and frequency.  

In the midst of this interlaced marvel, God placed a man and a woman at a critical juncture. The Creator joined the diversity of male and female into the oneness of marriage. The Conductor gave this couple a melody and a harmony to sing. Together Adam and Eve flourished in this universe of coordinated complexity.

Falling Apart

Together they thrived until the day their ears snagged on strange whispering from the forbidden tree. Can you really trust this Conductor? Something was threatening to push out of place, like a squirming piece of yarn in tight-knit fabric. Is He truly good? As the thought snaked through their souls, the tempting yarn begged to be pulled, and the man and the woman yanked. Together, they pulled themselves apart, both from their God and from one another.

In pulling the thread and rejecting their God, Adam and Eve chose relational separation instead of connection, and the entire universe unraveled, falling out of alignment and out of tune. It was like snapping the strings on a harp or warping the reed on a saxophone.

This then is the big picture that we are slow to see and quick to forget. God designed us to create music in our lives and to glory in that song; but music happens only through connection with the Creator, the Composer, and the Conductor.


If we reject God’s offer of reconciliation, we will squawk sour notes of dissonance and disappointment. We will eventually lose not only the ability to sing and harmonize but even the desire. But when we turn around to connect with God, He will restring our broken instruments and reserve our seats in the orchestra. And, oh, how our hearts will thrill forever to the symphony of God!

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