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6 Reasons for Not Giving Up on Your Marriage

10 Simple but Powerful Ways to Build Your Marriage

The Double-Layered Foundation that Every Marriage Needs

Praying for Your Marriage  (3 Parts)                              

Who You Are,  & What  You’re Worth    

Women of Honor and Strength                                                           

Handling Hurt     

Loneliness and Its Surprising Cure

Encouraging Your Husband Spiritually (RAPID)         


Want a Husband who Leads?

The 10 Commandments for Marriage

Everyday Vows for Lifelong Marriages

“Her” Prayer

God’s Design of Women

God’s Design of Men

The Forgotten Strength of a Woman: Femininity

Masculinity: A Salute to Men

The Love Chapter (Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13)

My “Thank you!” to You

Stepping from Isolation into Intimacy

How to Change Your Marriage … Right Now 

A Word for Your Marriage                                            

23 Online Resources for Conquering Addictions                    

Cultivating a Thriving Spirit

Anger: The Emotion that Devours (2 parts)

Why Eve Came from Adam’s Rib

This booklet describes God’s design for marriage:   Blueprints for Marriage.

This book (provided in 2 parts) explains that God longs for every married woman to thrive, regardless of what her marriage is like: Radiance (Part One)  Radiance (Part Two).

Divorce and Remarriage (a position paper)

To purchase Radiance: Secrets to Thriving in Marriage,     wives
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